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Non-destructive tests

The use of the non-destructive tests meets requirements of quality, safety and reliability. It is not possible to dissociate goals from the means necessary to reach these goals. Therefore, it is important to note that the evolution of quality and reliability standards has lead to the notable development of the methods and the equipment used for the non-destructive tests, at the same time as the rapid development of quality control systems for industrial products.


The control by magnetoscopy allows detection of emerging or subjacent surface defects in metal materials (crack, porosity, shrinkage crack).


The apparatus detects the defects located at the heart of the part by sending-receiving ultrasonic waves such as a sonar in a boat.
It measures the thickness of walls and the specific sound speed of a material, each material having its specific sound speed.

Radio and gammagraphy

The non destructive testing by radiography reveals internal defects by analysing an image which represents absorbed radiation having crossed the examined object.

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