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Foundry sand both ecological and recyclable

To realize the cast, we currently use 900 Tons of moulding sand per day. This sand is constantly regenerated. To manage this, we add in the circuit approximately 9 tons of core sand per day which contribute to the new sand. The annual sand’s excess of 1800 tons is either stored in our disposal area or upgraded against payment to cementers. The moulding sand is composed by silica, loam called bentonite, water and sea coal. We worked on the deletion of this coal dust in order to serve the working conditions, to reduce gas emission and to revalue the sand’s excess. Since 2006, Kuhn’s foundry was the very first French foundry to carry out these types of tests which have been approved and have led to reach the following objectives:

-80% reduction of the gaseous effluent

-Ecological sand

-Odour free and change in colour.

Moreover, the moulding sand’s effluent will be used as embankment. We currently work on the moulding sand’s reclamation (separate it from its loam) during the core shop. This will be a new release in the world of foundry. Our loam (bentonite) comes from Greece. Harrows and rotary cultivator from the brand Kuhn are used for its preparation.

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